Wake Up


I had a dream which I found to be funny as hell! I woke up this morning thinking I would find my amazon orders on the table since customs let them go. Well I dreamt that I had already opened them, but left them to get some sleep and open them up the next morning! And before that I was thinking about going riding! Since that would really hit the spot!

Then I woke up I realized that it was a dream! hehehe! I was looking forward to watching one of those dvds! And Im happy today there is no work, and I dont have much to do except go riding. So Im going to get on bike and enjoy the ride today! Last night the weather was amazing, I was just sitting outside for a while it was really nice. All I was missing was sitting with some friends and having a bbq going. Now that would have been nice.

Right now Im going to get ready to go riding!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. part of ur dream came true… go ride;) good luck with rest coming true!

  2. jewaira

    Have a great holiday and hope your dreams come true ;)

  3. Enjoy ur holiday…i had work today….:( and as for BBQ hmmmm i’m so hungryyyy!

  4. Enjoy it :)..btw..what is this pic?? correct me if i’m wrong..it reminds me of a pic i saw for the son..very cloose pic..am i right or i’ve been dreaming as well? looool

  5. moocherx

    looks like a solar flare

  6. Cyber: It was nice!

    Fonzy: Im crossing my fingers! hehehe!

    jewaira: thank you!

    DR: hehehe! Its just funny when you want it! It was good day of riding! I will be posting pics up!

    Smartee: Its a solar flare as moocherx mentioned! hehehe!

    Moocherx: you are correct!

  7. Eddy

    i am yet to find a post in ur blog which doesnt have the following words: bike, robo, riding.

  8. Eddy: hahahaha! There are lots of other things, but you will not once find the whole page without anime or bikes! hehehe! Two of my favorite things!

  9. So..I was correct :)..except for the “sun” spelling..loool

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