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Blazing Streets

I went out yesterday after waking up comfortably. I have to say that it was a fantastic ride since 90% of the streets were empty, and I stopped by the scientific center to take some photos. Since it was such a nice day, and I took the bike on the side walk. I was taking a lot of pictures when a security guy came up to me and asked me to park in the parking spots. I told him Im just taking some photos and then I will be out of his way, I was very polite to the guy since he was polite to me. Then he was asking me about the bike and how I like it. He has seen it online and in magazines, but never seen it in real life. He was asking how I like and if it feels as heavy as it looks, and he wants to get a Suzuki. I asked him if he road before he told me a little while back so I gave him a couple of pointers. Then he told me stay as long as I want and he left, he was a nice guy and people were always stopping and looking when I would stop! hehehehe! Never seen a civilized biker before! hehehehehe..








Then there is the curved part of the gulf road between 3rd and 2nd ring road, and there was no cars what so ever. So I took it at comfortable speed sweeping across and staying in my lane while getting the bike as low as possible. I looked down and I was going around 180kph on an empty sweeping road, and my adrenaline was rushing like no other with wind in my face. My brain was taking in every little detail that I could see. It was an amazing feeling! The rush, and the wind with the music in my head blaring! I couldnt have been happier! I wish their were more times like these where people werent on the road. I went to souq sharq which was packed with people to stop and take pictures as well. I havent seen it that packed with shoppers before! So many people going shopping it was rediculous! Then after a nice long drive around for another hour on the gulf road and the inner roads of Kuwait I was heading home, because I knew my nephew would wake up!

To see these pics in larger format check out the ZDistrict Flickr Set