Changes Be Coming


In the next 48hours Z District will be going through some changes! The storm is coming! I hope all of yall will like it. All the change is being done by Jackie! I would thank her and her team of ducks for making this happen.

I would also like to thank Ananyah for getting me on the blogosphere in the first place!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!



  2. Are you preparing a horror movie….i’m being spine chilled…..:P

  3. I love it! Kudos to Juju! and yes you have to thank me too for without me Z District wouldn’t exist :P

    *bows and pats her own back*

    sorry bout last nite, i couldnt talk… mama was right next to me and she saw your dishdasha pic flashing on my fone and was like WHOOO IS DAAAAAAAAAT and im like oooh no one hahahah

  4. nice.. i love the header.. looking forward to the rest of the changes!

  5. Its awesome man! They did a great job!!

    Pity they dont do movable type!

  6. Eddy

    looks great

  7. DaaaaaaaaaaaaaaMN
    thats hot dudeee
    abiiiiiiiiii new look tooooooooo
    the banner is maynoooooooooon

  8. tawny astaw3ib il banner
    this looks better than jacqui’s blog :P

  9. i love it!! great design and template!

  10. unknown


    marzoug i want to eat you blog :)

  11. Jacqui: your team of ducks includes number 4! hehehehe

    MAZE: hehehe! It felt like the beginning of a new era! hehehe! Im happy you like it!

    ananyah: thanks again girl! dont worry about it!

    MSB: Im happy you like it!

    Amer: Gotta love bikes! Told you wordpress o bes!

    Yazeed: ahahahahaa! Just alittle bit!

    Eddy: thanks!

    Laialy:loooool! You know who to contact! Arrangments were made and then it happened! loool!

    Fonzy: Thanks! hehehe

    Cyber: I totally agree!

    unknown: with ketchup? hehehe! Take a bite!

  12. Awww my work is praised so often and so nicely yaaay! ;P Hehehe and well Number 4 is under my employ so it’s good that she is like I don’t know whatever ;P

    Hehehe anywho everything is set up and complete I believe.. Unless you need a few tweaks, you know how to reach me ;P

  13. I dig the new look…seriously rocks compared with the old one. Header is sweet as hell…

  14. Jacqui: looool! hehehe! Yes your work is good! People will be in contact with you!

    Sam: Thanks! I think its sweet as hell too!

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