Month of the Chicken


That is what I call Ramadan after I realized what I kept eating! Nobody feels like fish during Ramadan for some reason, and if you feel like it then they look at you as if something is wrong. They tell you not to eat fish because it will make you thirsty but by that point your already drinking and eating, so that statement really didnt make sense to me. But almost everyday I would be eating some form of chicken or another! It was fantastic, and I would eat until I was completely stuffed! The orange dish is mathrooba which mashed chicked and rice, tastes heavenly. And the white/yogurt dish is shishbarak, dont ask me what it is because I dont know! All I know is that it tastes damn good! And of course the chicken dish is Machboos Chicken. The cornerstone of putting me to sleep at 7pm! hehehe

Ramadan.. the Month of the Chicken!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. mohammed ali

    Food looks good but nothing beat biryani. The best form of rice and meat on earth.

    yekh fish yekh yekh

  3. I’ve never tasted the kuwaiti food yet….i luv shish barak…its made of flour stuffed with meat,onion and some other stuff…yummy..i miss mom’s food….ahyway sahtein ya man.

  4. dude this whole eid Geo barely ate any chicken cuz everytime i went to the supermarket the frozen chicken section would be empty! its like trying to find chicken wings at the supermarket in the States during the superbowl weekend.

  5. moe: hahahaha! Im not much for biryani, its all about the machboos for me!

    Laialy: looooool! Machboos for you inshalla soon! hehehe!

    MAZE: Soon inshalla its pretty damn good, but heavy! I love it! you shall remain stationary after it for a while! hehehe!

    Mark: hahahahha! For a whole month! its crazy!

    Cyber: you should see what it looks like after I was done with it!

  6. sahtein man….. food looks amazing… seriously what is in shushbarak? :P i love it too

  7. Fonzy: hehehe! I think I got fat from it! I love that stuff!

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