My Eideeya!

I was having a blast yesterday! Even though I woke up at 5:30am to go to Eid prayer, I felt great! Everywhere I was going took me 5 mins! No problems to here or there! I want back and forth between family! I kept giving all these kids different amounts based on how closely related they were to me! And some kids who were so freaking adorable I couldnt resist buying their love! The money that went away was more the well worth it because it made these little kids so happy that they were bouncing around like no other. Some of my cousin’s kids who are really adorable I cant help wanting to take them with me home! After driving around for hours and visitng family I needed something cold for a break! So I remembered that starbucks is open! My Eideeya is probably the best in Kuwait! Empty streets left and right, and get a nice cold Tazoberry in this nice heat! Gotta love Eid! When everyone leaves Kuwait I want to stay! And yes I got a doughnut! I just needed one to go with the Tazoberry!





A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. mohammed ali

    that strawberry shake drives me wild. remind me of braums milk shake. Eat and eat until u are filled.

  2. moocherx

    your enthusiasm is infectious! those ice tea things are great…. but I can’t let myself near a donut :P it’s hard enough getting down the gym without adding donuts to the equation!

  3. Where’s my eideeya???….:P….u gotta try Krispy kreme i went there today its so delicious….

  4. Purgatory

    kids should not get money, they should be spanked.

  5. moe: thats more icy then like a milk shake! It hits the spot!

    moocherx: hahaha.. yeah I couldnt help it.. after a long day of driving around in the heat.. that doughnut hit the spot!

    MAZE: loool! R u under 15? then I will give you a eediya!  hehehe I had Krispy Kreme about two weeks ago!

    Purg: hahaha! I do both!

  6. glad you had a good day ^_^ lets see how mine goes :/

  7. Laialy: thanks! Inshalla it will be great!

  8. nothing better than the empty roads! too bad at night it isnt the same. not into donuts so wouldnt know how much u enjoyed it:)

  9. Fonzy: Doughnuts are pretty good every once in a while! I just wish the streets were empty all the time!

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