Review: SlySoft AnyDVD


If your looking to rip dvds or cds that have different types of encoding this has been working great for me. If I want to put a mix together and pick a couple of songs from a cd then its my damn choice! I dont have to listen to the whole damn cd every time! And then if you want to rip a dvd to hard drive to do with it as you please then this piece of software is the best thing for you. And they keep updating it for any company that comes with a new type of encryption for DVDs or CDs. It has worked great with me so I recommend people who want to do this type of thing. Its worth the $39.00. If it could do everything then I would give it a full rating, but for now it works great.

Link: SlySoft

Rating: r4.5.bmp

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  1. sifiguy

    yeah , i use this program to rip dvds and to unlock regions ,its a great program and always being updated some times two or three times a month since movie companies coming up with new ways to protect dvds …
    dvd decrypter is a good program too,shame there is no new versions for it, since macrovision bought it..

  2. sifiguy: I just recently started using it and its been great! And I like how they keep updating it!

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  4. mohammed ali

    you are pawned if u bought this software when u can download it for free.

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    moe: you can not find this software with the update version, and then you cant get the updates for it. So some software is worth buying. There are other ones, but not as good for free.

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