I have to say that I didnt know about this previously or else I would have ordered it a long time ago. I have a PC hooked up to the my Sony LCD, but it only has an RGB connection so I use an adapter to connect with the DVI connector. The quality is pretty good but I wish it could be better. I was roaming through amazon and I found that Monster Cables made a DVI to HDMI connection. When I found it I automatically ordered it, and I got it with my initial Amazon packages. Since then I have been slow to hook it up since I didnt feel like going through all the wiring. But when I did go through all the effort I have to say I should have done it sooner. The anime, movies, and tv episodes look so much better on HDMI, made a huge difference and I recommend this to everyone! Its worth every penny!


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  1. Eddy

    lol, but everyone isnt rich like u…hdtv are expensive..

  2. Seeing how the previous comment adding nothing to the value of this post; I felt the need to add my 0.02$.

    I picked up some DVI>HDMI cables from monoprice.com; it costed about 20$ for 3m .. the quality is jut as good as monstercables. MonstersCables like to overcharge for standard cables and big packaging. When dealing with digital signals, 1s are 1s and 0s are 0s .. I agree with you about the quality of DVI/HDMI .. its amazing! The colors are crisper and sharper and you get more functions that using VGA(PIP, Zoom on my tv). I suggest you use powerstrip to tune your PC to make full use of your resolution. Also check out the oppo digital dvd player; it upscales dvds to HD and uses DVI. The decoding system(fardouja) is the same one in high end Denon Dvd Players (200kd+).

  3. Eddy: Its expendible income .. not really rich! hehehe! There is a big difference! hehehe

    K: I totally agree with you, but at the time when I saw the there is an DVI to HDMI, I was extremely happy so I got it, and I know there is one which is the same quality but cheaper, but I didnt do enough research to make the decision. It was an extreme impluse buy. But I totally agree with you about how much crisper it is. But I might to get a good powerstrip to make all the adjustments. I will check it out next to my dvd player and see how it looks.

  4. Lexicon

    does it work on a mac? cuz when i switched to a mac recently i couldnt find an s video connection and as u can clearly see am not a computer whiz

  5. Yes, you need the DVI plug (sometimes its an external dongle) for the mac tho; and your TV needs to have an HDMI input. Plug it all in and the MAC will learn the settings.

  6. Lexicon: I think K answered your question!

    K: Im thinking about trying it on the tv in the basement hoping it will be awesome!

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