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Review: Biella


I went to Biella for the first time today at Marina Cresent. Its located on the second floor above starbucks. Its Italian cuisine we were walking around with no specific place in mind and so we decided to eat at this place. There was a decent amount of people, first off the menu is pretty good and the service was good as well. The food was another issue. I have to say when it comes to Italian food I have very high standards so I might be a bit critical of this place. The calamari had way too much crust on it, the tomato sauce was good, but it felt unhealthy just eating it. I had the lasagne which was pretty good, but still something was missing in the taste. The was salad was ok, nothing really special about it. The place itself had a huge problem, they have horrible insulation, so even if you were eating inside you would be sweating like crazy. There were only certain parts of the restaurants that had good air conditioning, but I kept ordering cold seven up, which helped. The service was good and the food was pretty good, but nothing special. I wouldnt go back any time soon though.

Location: Marina Cresent

Rating: r3.02.bmp