GPRS Posting

This awesome I have been trying to figure this out for a while now, and at last I have figured how to hook it up. With the bluetooth on my laptop I am able to connect to the internet.


Using MTC:

Dial Number: *99#

Username: pps

Password: pps


The images come up a bit distorted though, but at least I could see all the text clearly and make a few posts. I just wanted to try it out. With the GPRS connection you pay I think 9KD for unlimited downloads, so Im going to abuse it. But I think they are going to do something underhanded because its MTC!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Does that mean things are looking better, I tried fixing every issue there was. I just hate Internet Explorer though :/ I prefer it dies.

  2. as far as I know, MTC gives you 2GB or 1GB limit, im not sure about the size but im sure about the limit.

    Wataniya in the other hand gives you unlimited for 14 kd a month, and this is what I use for internet because currently I dont have a phone line here yet. I connect using 3G which is sometimes faster than the 128k DSL I had before. sometimes I get a download speed of 30 – 35k/sec .. but sometimes it just freezes and the networks gets crowded.

    they also have another plan for GPRS which is you dont pay a monthly fee, but you get charged 1 KD per 1 MB you download which is a rip off

  3. oh by the way, get the USB cable to hook your computer with because it gives you up to 460 kpbs connection, which is much more than bluetooth

  4. Jacqui: Things are looking better but I agree with you, I think IE should just disappear!

    Enviromental: I think I will try your idea of the USB cable, I think MTC is 9KD a month for unlimited GPRS but I will check on that!

  5. LOL Yea I know it should crawl up in a hole and bleed its way through death :/ If that makes sense :r

  6. Jacqui: loooool! Damn, now thats hate, I just want it to disappear! hehehe

  7. Clauser

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