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Military HoverCrafts


This was the first time I have seen something like this. I was visiting my uncle in Julai’a for eid since I didnt get a chance to see him in the city. He is located pretty close to the naval base there, and I have been there a lot before and I havent seen anything like this before. The US military were having a trainging session, and its the first time I see Military Hovercrafts, I dont even know what they do with them. These machines were at least 2 kilometers away from the chalet, and even though we were inside the chalet those things were loud as hell. It really was rediculously loud, we could hear them inside clearly. And when they were coming back there was a vibrating hum in the air. For the size of those things, they could move pretty damn fast, and the water was really wavey because of the wind but it had no affect on these monstrous hovercrafts. Now I want to pilot one of them!