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Alienware Arrival




The package was supposed to have arrived on the 30th of October based on the estimated arrival of FedEx, but thank you for the amazing service from FedEx it arrived while I wasnt home on the 25th, and it cleared customs. I opened up the box, and I was happy as hell to see the Alien Symbol looking straight at me. It also included the other items that I ordered with it. After a minute I started to move the box when I realized that the god damn customs ripped the box in half on the other side, it said on the box that it was open by Kuwait customs, but I just thought that they took a look inside the big box, but no they ripped the Alienware box, and they took in the laptop out of its protective foam setting and the plastic bag that it was in. Then they shoved the laptop back into the box, I wanted to kill somebody at that point. I really was worried that the laptop was damaged since it was out of its shock absorbing setting. I know how Alienware usually pack the laptops and desktops so I wasnt worried at all about the shipping, but after what I saw customs did I was going to go nuts. I wanted to kill somebody!

So I started the laptop up, and there was the usual Windows startup and setting it up like usual. And after going through a few things, I was happy that it was working extremely smoothly! No problems! I want to put a curse on those customs guys! They could have just x-rayed the damn thing and found out what they wanted!