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Currency Weight

I was thinking about this the other day, when I was traveling different currencies have different feeling of how much they are worth really. And this is the result I came up with. I dont know if people get the same idea or feeling when it comes to different currencies.

UK Pounds

The British pound feels like a lot of money, it hurts to spend it especially on taxis or other items. I got used to it since a long time ago. The 50 pound note is especially worth a lot since you can do a lot with it, and whenever you use it people think its fake. It just feels like its heavey for some reason.


The new Euros feels like damn Monopoly money, they could decide on one normal color or just a few. They decided to choose every color Skittles had available and used them. So every time I had a note it feels like its really wierd, you dont feel like a 100 euros is more then 100 bucks. You dont feel the value of the money beind used, and on top of it everywhere in Europe that used to be cheap became rediculously expensive since the introduction of the Euro. Its all like candy!

US Dollars

Now this is a currency that carries its weight. I value every penny I spent since even when gas was expensive it hurt like hell! Spending 60-80 bucks on gas was hell! Thats why riding motorcycles became even more useful! 10 bucks for a tank and it would last for a while. A 100 dollar bill would do a lot, and you could buy a lot of food with that. Even when buying electronics you feel everyting being spent!


Kuwaiti Dinars

Kuwaiti money carries it weight, but because everything is so over-oriced when it comes to electronics that you feel its expensive as hell! Plasma screens that are supposed to be 700KD are going for 1200KD. When you spend it on gasoline you do feel that things are relatively cheap, and you can get a lot for your money when buying food. 40 KD would last you a while, but just dont buy any electronics.

UAE Dirhams

This currency reminds of the Italian Lira back in the day, 500 dirhams is less then 50 KD, and it feels like it too! When you get a bill at a restaurant for 200 dirhams after eating a huge meal you dont feel like the money is worth much. Even when buying a phone they will tell you its like one thousand dirhams. I just dont like the notes either, I think they need to redesign their currency at this point! Imagine you get the chance of designing a new currency now that would be cool.