Not Just Yet


Im not giving up on this! I knew that I would be tired after this long day, but I made a promise to myself that no matter what Im going to go to the gym. So after taking an hour nap late in the day Im going to go to the gym and break a sweat.

Im pushing myself, Im running low on energy, but I honestly feel good that Im going to go to the gym. I have to stick to this! Twice a week at least!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. ha.. basher? did adrenaline kick in to save u?

  2. Eddy

    dude the week ends on friday…uve got 6 more days….whats the rush??

  3. Lose the baby and you’ll be fine :P

  4. GOD! tell me about it *sad face*..tomorrow is my first day at work after el 3eed holiday..and i’ve decided to go to the gym right after work..but not twice!! i’m gonna go five days a week to recover what I’ve done in rmethan!! ..u know..for girls it is a CRITICAL issue..loool..and u know what..I bought new sporty clothes for the gym..bas 3ashan ashaje3 nafse..:)

    Anyway..we need t support eachother here..ya3ne etha ma eltezamt ba7remek men el meerath ..wish me luck :)..i hope i’ll do it tomorrow..

  5. Eddy: Because if I put it off now, then I would have put it off for a while! So I decided to stick to my idea of when to go! Im happy that I went!

    Jacqui: It felt good to be breaking a sweat! No baby on the way! lol

    Smartee: goodluck smartee! As a guy Im using the same gym cloths that I have had for the past year and half and its perfect. Keeps me dry, and its all black.. dont need color! So the only thing eshaje3ny is that Im getting into shape! Bes stick to it, the two or three days Im doing are heavey excercise sessions to make up for the days that I dont go, you have different work outs for different amount of days! hehehe!

  6. DR: hehehe, my chest is sore already! hehehe

    Amo0ora: tommorow is going to be an interesting day of recovery! hehehe

  7. good for u ;)
    gym feels gr8!! doesnt it!

  8. Laialy: I hope it sticks with me for a while!

    no3ik: yeah it feels great, but I need to stay motivated going!

  9. u can do it u can do it aaaaaaaalll night loooooong :P no, im not flirting with u:) tell me u know what movie thats from

  10. Fonzy: Man I have no clue right now.. Im trying to use my brain as little as possible at this point! hehehe! I know its a song!

  11. actually its a movie for adam sandler… i think it was Billy Madison.

  12. Fonzy: hahaha! I think other movies have used it as well, but Billy Madison was fantastic, as well as the Water Boy!

  13. Marzouq i need encouragement to go to the gym….i’m so stressed from work…and the evening shifts are killing me….

  14. MAZE: Im planning to go straight to the gym from work.. no matter how tired I am, because if you go home then you wont have the ability to just get up and go to the gym. My goal is to get my endurance back, I want to be like I was before and get my blood pumping more then anything else!

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