Working Today


Didnt sleep much last night, I got about 2.5 hours of sleep. I have been at hour and it feels like I want to kill somebody to keep myself awake. I have had three cups of tea which have been very soothing. And I really dont like coffee, my phone keeps going off and I really wish I had a hammer at this point! I would have probably broken a lot of things!

And what happened to people this morning! I was driving to work on the same route I take during Ramadam and it was traffic as usual, but EVERYONE was flying and I mean EVERYONE! I was being cut-off by women left and right, I wasnt the only guy surprised, I thought I was driving fast until these women kept on flying buy. I dont know what was up today!

Feeling like a zombie, but Im really going to try to hit the gym! I want to get things moving. I think I will go and kill off the rest of the energy left in me!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. coz of the weirdest sleeping patterns i had for almost a week, i couldnt sleep last night…I am feeling messy! i need to adjust my clock now!

  2. Im responsible for 120% of his phone calls today!

  3. Man you should take good rest….i didn’t have work today…:P

  4. Cyber: Im going to try adjusting my clock today.

    amer: looool!

    MAZE: I need get things back into shape.

    Mark: yeah I remember seein that it was Herman Miller, but it looks a lot better then my office! hehehe!

  5. Laialy: its hard sticking to schedule! I totally understand how you feel!

  6. Fonzy: I dont smoke! And I hate the smell of them! hehehe

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