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Review: 10th and Wolf


I have to say when I first saw the cover of the movie, I didnt think it was going to be any good. Its about a man who lost faith in the Gulf War during 1990, and then he had to go back to his family in the mob after leaving the marines. It was an interesting cast of people, James Marsden (Cyclops from X-Men) and Piper Perabo are two people I do like, the one guy I really dislike is Giovanni Ribisi, he gets on my nerves for some reason. This isnt the best story in the world like a Mario Pucci story or something, but this is a pretty good mob story and I really enjoyed the different way they went about it. Tommy (Marsden) is in a tough position and he has to save his family and be a rat to help them out. Even though he is a smart person he has to help out those closest to him, but not everything goes so smoothly. It would be a movie you would watch once, and thats about it.

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