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This is one unique motorcycle! The engineers and designers behind this motorcycle have only one thing in mind which is perfection. This is one interesting piece of machinary which has a lot of heart put into it. I cant stop being amazed by the design it looks like a mix of Italian, American, and Japanese. It handles like a sports bike, looks like an Italian motorcycle, with the grunt of an american engine based on its looks. This machine doesnt come cheap either, it starts at $49’800.00 up to $138’800.00 depending on the modle you take. I just really want to ride this work of art and experience it for myself. I probably wont be riding one or buying one anytime in this lifetime! I can still dream, or repeat a scene from Gone in 60 Seconds, and puff I have one then. The one thing I love about this machine is the name The HERETIC! hehehe! It sounds intimidating, and its different just like the bike.
Link: EcosseMoto