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Fun & Sand



I think they should rename the Toyota Landcruiser to the Toyota Tank. This vehicle can really take a beating! Since we didnt have a chance to get into the water during eid it was pretty windy and decently humid so we decided to go ahead with other activities. Two ATVs and two SUVs into some relaly fun sand dunes. I have been driving back and forth to Fahaheel to fill up the fridge with all sorts of goodies, and I went back and forth while the Landcruiser’s fuel gauge said empty! This car keeps going and going non stop, makes the Energizer Bunny look lazy! I took some dunes like it was straight, I think my friend hurt his neck when he hit the roof… twice! hehehehe! It was like going back 6 years to some teen shinanigans! And we helped out some people who got stuck in some sand! It was a good time! I love building up vehicles to become purpose built off-road machines! A silver car always hides all the sand all over it! hehehe! Nothing a high pressure hose couldnt solve!