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My nephew is breath of fresh air everytime I see him, plus Im his favorite uncle! This kid has gone through some interesting phases, he seems to like rolling carpets. He would sit next to a carpet and then try to roll it up. And he likes chewing on some box that I have and he laughs a lot when I get on all fours as well and I bite the box from him too, then in turns into a big dog little dog scenario! Of course I let go because he gets frustrated and starts using his hands! I love this little kid! He just makes me laugh.

He has a few favorite words like “dadada”, “biguu”, “popeee”,  and a few other ones. Sometimes if he wants me or misses me he shouts popee and gives me that teary eye look and puts his hands out for me to carry him. If my heart was as hard as daimond, from that look it broke. I cant help but pick him up and take him to do his bidding. I let him go where he wants but I let him also figure out that this hurts if he does something he isnt supposed like if he is playing with the closet doors, but I make sure that he doesnt really hurt himself, but really boys will be boys!

Today I was the driver and with my mother we took him to Fantasy World, which I knew where it was but I have never been in there! After walking in it reminded me of Toys R Us Kuwait, but it didnt feel as big. We just wanted to take him somewhere that we knew had kids and their wasnt any really traffic around it, and that was the spot. When we walked in he kept looking up at the cieling because of the neon lights. And we pretty much wanted to get him something to entertain him while visitng our house, after walking around for a little bit he picked up one thing that he wouldnt let go off. It was a plastic ball with comic book characters on it, I thought that I couldnt love him any more, but I was wrong at that moment! The kid loves comics! He is only 10.5 months old! hehehe! And out of all the things that we could have got for him it was a 1KD ball that made im the happiest little kid in the world!  God I cant enough of him, and he makes me love him more and more everyday!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Awww allah y5aleeh lekom inshalla.. 3aad amo0ot bil baby boys !!
    Shaklaa z0o’3a your cuzin !
    Your a softie ;Pp
    take care of him ;)

  2. Hurry up and have your own children :P Although I doubt you’d be able to at the moment LOL! You seem to enjoy being the Uncle rather than the Father ;P

  3. ugh ur such a fucking pussy! but its cute!

  4. comics forever!! stan lee should rule the world
    i want to go to fantasy world too.. i want rubik cube lol
    allah y5aleekom lah oo y5leeh likom

  5. Hehehehe…allah y5aleeh….i’ll say like uncle like son…:)

  6. “If my heart was as hard as daimond, from that look it broke” nice touch :)

  7. haha – Beta version – does that mean you give constructive feedback to his parents? ;-)

  8. he says : – ” I dont care what others say about you, you are a good uncle ammou! ” :D:D:D:D:D:D

  9. Amo0ora: he is my nephew! hehehe! I adore this kid!

    Jacqui: I prefer this! I get to spoil and have fun with all the benefits! No need to get into all the gritty details at this point! hehehe! And I think he is enjoying me emmensely too!

    ananyah: kiss my ass! hehehe

    zombie: Mashkoor! Stan Lee was the man! The ugy came up with the best of comics! Too bad comics arent what they used to be in popularity!

  10. MAZE: yes he is very much the lively kid! hehehe! Mashkoor!

    Laialy: what could I say, its true!

    moocherx: no, Im just giving him the necessary upgrades as I move along! hehehe!

    Cyber: hehehe! I think he thinks that too!

  11. What you didn’t get a toy for yourself ??
    how could you resist ??

    I share the same feeling with my neices… :)

  12. DiiGMaa: I was holding myself off for bit! I realized that I would have done too much damage! hehehe

  13. funny and cute nephew popee :P at least u got out of there with spending 1KD, give it a few years and it will be 100KD and soon he will be wanting all the gadgets u post about:)

  14. Fonzy: looooool! I think he seems to be satisfied with what entertains him, and Im guessing every kid wants to spend 100KD when they go in there.. but Im gonna try holding myself back! hehehe

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