MotoGP Championship Shock




Nicky Hayden beat the 5 time world champion Valentino Rossi in one of the most amazing MotoGP Seasons ever seen. I couldnt believe it when I read it. I think that all these riders are extremely talented and Rossi thrives under pressure, but he didnt get the best position to start off with and he made a mistake which cost him the championship. It was just a case of human error at one of the corners, but Rossi’s progress was amazing this season with all the troubles they have had. He has worked hard and proved that he is a world champion with class, by going to congratulate Nicky Hayden right away. Padrossa really came through helping Nicky Hayden to get to his position, it was a well deserved win and Hayden worked hard all season long. Rossi vs. Hayden battles all season long has been one of the best I have seen and read. What a MotoGP season, I just hope every season is this exciting!
Link: Hayden’s Dream Come True
Link: Bayliss Wins, Rossi Falls, Hayden World Champion

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I think he should come to Kuwait and drive up and down Gulf Street on 1 wheel to celebrate.
    And do it at 2am to wake me up like everyone else does ;-)

  2. moocherx: looool! The way this guy rides, and the way his engine sounds he would probably break the sound barrier!

  3. jewaira

    I read about Rossi while I was away and I remembered you!

  4. jewaira: thank you thank you, I wish I had half the skills this guy has, he is king of motorcycles! hehehe

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