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Milcha Workout



I went to a friend’s Milcha (male wedding ceremony) today, and I remembered how tired the groom, father of the groom, and father of the bride get because they stay standing for over 3-4 hours shaking hands of people who want to congratulate them. Its hectic to say the least, and its great seeing some old friends and seeing friends that you just spoke to 5 minutes ago. You just keep seeing more and more people, there are some people who I havent seen in over 6 years so it was great just finding them again and talking about old things. I just think that traditional Kuwaiti milchas are great because they bring friends and family together! Its hilarious when they were trying to take the groom’s picture with his friends since people were physically harrasing him in the background. Really enjoyable time, but the humidity and heat was making it impossible to sit down you had to keep moving. I tried staying in the informal area, but after a while I went to the formal area to realize the A/C was working in that are and wasnt working in ours! I could smell the good shawarma and all the other good dishes but I decided not to eat anything because I knew I wanted to go the gym!