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Work Load


Its getting rediculous again! Its annoying when things become like this! In a perfect world things would work in a timely manner, and you would be able to depend on different people, but at this point it isnt the case! Time lines need to be met, I have to meet with different people, and things just have to go crazy!

Ripping their heads off is an understatement! Dont promise me something and not come through! Just dont promise in the first place! Have some damn work ethic! Be honest to the work that needs to be done, and dont underestimate it! And it seems to be the case in Kuwait to ask for the impossible at the last minute without thinking that it could delay what they want to do.

This is going to be one hell of rollercoaster! Its been like Ramadan, I dont eat until the sun sets! If the weather is good this weekend Im going riding! I dont care I need to ride! thats it! Bes!