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Workout 301006


So I went to the gym last night at 9pm since that was the only opening I had. And I have to say that it felt good, it was time number 2 and since I pretty much became stubborn and decided to stick to what I said. I achieved twice a week and now I think I should bump it to at least 3-4 times a week.. as long as I have time Im going to go!

First time was a warm up, this time I went full out.

Lunch: Grilled Fish (5:00pm)



15 mins on Elyptical Trianer.

3 set of 8 reps at the Bench Press.

Worked my shoulders, and chest. I honestly dont remember the names of most of my workouts, I just remember that these are the ones I did before.
The resistance workout only took 40 mins since I want to be consistant, and taking timed breaks between sets.

After I was done with that, I went to the Elyptical Trainer for another 7 mins to help me from being sore the next day.

A friend of mine is helping me figure out the different excercises, he will email what he does in the states right now. He is good, and he has been doing it pretty right for the past few years. So with his help, and the trainer at the gym Im planning on sticking to this!

Dinner: Cup of Yogurt with Honey.