Workout 301006


So I went to the gym last night at 9pm since that was the only opening I had. And I have to say that it felt good, it was time number 2 and since I pretty much became stubborn and decided to stick to what I said. I achieved twice a week and now I think I should bump it to at least 3-4 times a week.. as long as I have time Im going to go!

First time was a warm up, this time I went full out.

Lunch: Grilled Fish (5:00pm)



15 mins on Elyptical Trianer.

3 set of 8 reps at the Bench Press.

Worked my shoulders, and chest. I honestly dont remember the names of most of my workouts, I just remember that these are the ones I did before.
The resistance workout only took 40 mins since I want to be consistant, and taking timed breaks between sets.

After I was done with that, I went to the Elyptical Trainer for another 7 mins to help me from being sore the next day.

A friend of mine is helping me figure out the different excercises, he will email what he does in the states right now. He is good, and he has been doing it pretty right for the past few years. So with his help, and the trainer at the gym Im planning on sticking to this!

Dinner: Cup of Yogurt with Honey.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Good work buddy….u should stick to that!

  2. one tip from a guy who used to work out 2-3 hours a day for two years. when u start ur workout experience, make sure u cover ur whole body for the first few weeks and once u got the muscles warmed up and going, start focusing on certain parts of the body. And never concentrate on the same part twice in a row. I mean if today u did biceps, tomorrow switch to abs, then legs, then back up to triceps. It will take longer to build muscle but when they finally build up they will last longer. This is what is known as the french workout system. If u focus on one muscle too long, that is american. With american u will lose the muscles in no time if u take a break but with french, the muscles stay for a long time. Good luck!

  3. Eddy

    which girl r u trying to impress??? :)

  4. I suggest that you start on the “burning fat zone” then switch to “Bulking up” some muscles (unless, you are thin and you want to gain some weight). Also, make sure to have a protein shake AFTER every workout to heal your muscles, and drink Gatorade during the time you are working out to avoid dehydration. Also, don’t push yourself too hard and watch what your body is telling you…try to workout at least 3 times a day routine then you can switch over to an intense workout.

    Oh and loving the new look ^_^

  5. That’s nice, keep it up.

    I had a full workout schedule for almost two months straight (6 days a week / one day break on Fridays). It felt extremely great after the first month with 8kg+ of pure muscles but then I had that god damned deQuervain’s Syndrome in both wrists so I had to give up for recovery. I really need to get back to the gym. :/

  6. Good luck and the mmmm… grilled fish sounds wonderful! Keep up the resolve :)

  7. MAZE: Im tryin

    Fonzy: I just got warmed up the first day, but not its mostly muscle rotation, I’ve done that before and as you said it sticks around. My friend practices a lot of whats on, he is just giving things to me lamens terms. I just want to get into shape, and get my endurance back! And Im trying to cut back on food!

    Eddy: Not a girl really, just getting into shape for riding! hehehe

    Fallen Angel: I just drink a lot of water, I used to drink a ton of Gatorade while in the states, but I dont think they sell it in Kuwait. Im trying to burn using the weights not so much building a lot of muscle. But I hate cardio so I steak to the weights just to help me burn, but honestly it feels good.

    MacaholiQ8: salamaat, hopefully it will heal. But Im not going that extreme. As I keep finding out, the best weight to use is your own body weight.

    Jewaira: Thank you! It was pretty good, and kept me light on my feet!

  8. whats the eleptic trainer, sounds fun..

    Allaah ma3ak, keep it up, inshalla you will get good results..

  9. S–T–R–E–T–C–H mate. Or you’ll get sore.

  10. Amo0ora: its like a machine where you move your feet in circles, instead of running which puts pressure on your knees!

    moocherx: yeah I know! I need to start doing that before the resistance training! And yes Im sore right now! hehehe! I honestly I dont mind the sore feeling, it means something is working!

  11. good luck man… am checking out the site u recommended as i write this

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