Cloudy Start


When you wake up and its still dark outside the first thing you do is look at your watch to make sure you didn’t wake up too early. Then you realize what time it is and get up! Do your thing, and get into the car ready to go to work! Its still cloudy outside with a little sunlight! The weather just doesn’t help to get up or do work! It makes me feel like chilling at home watching some tv shows, anime, and playing videos games!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Tell me about it….my alarm rings like ten times b4 i wake up…always snoozing it….:)

  2. oooh yea, especially if the weather is cold outside….

    Welcome to my world :P

  3. Wait until u wake up and its raining. 3ad sij that kind of weather is for staying in bed and watching movie.

    Allaaah. Cant wait.

  4. “chilling at home watching some tv shows, anime, and playing videos games!”

    R u sure ma feeha bike riding!!??!! ;)

  5. lol….. been coming to work late everyday this week cos of that!

  6. MAZE: I have one old school clock alarm which dings like crazy, and 4 mp3 alarms from my PC! And I still barely get up!

    Bella: If its cold thats even worse, but thats where dishadeesh shetweya come in! hehehe

    DR: Do you guys not want me to wake up for work?!?!?!

    Smartee: Bike riding is at the top of my list, but I want the weather not to be raining because then the oils come out on the roads and its the most dangerous for us! So when it cloudy I take it easy, but if it has been raining for a couple of days I have noooo problems riding in the rain!

    Fonzy: loooool! I have had to come in early every damn day this week!

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