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So Fresh and So Clean!


I have been using this shampoo from FCUK for the past 2 years, and it has been great! I just like to jump into the shower and use something smells fresh/sporty and gets all the dirt off, be it after riding, the gym, fun in the sand, working on my truck, changing a tire, cleaning an old dusty pc, or whatever the case maybe! It does the job and gets it all off with a refreshing scent to it. If ever a smell was to be tagged sporty then this would be it! I suffocate in elevators, cars, and small rooms from people who spray a gallon of colonge after a show or after smoking. It is seriously horrible, I have made it clear to some friends about it and I think they got the point since I can breath around them now, but some people that you dont know or at work might be suffocating you and you cant do anything about it! I use colonge maybe once every two to three weeks, other then that its just the shower! I used to buy 4-5 bottles whenever I go to London so they could last me a while, but I just recently found that they are selling in Boots in Marina Mall, and I would recommend any guy to try it out. Its light, smooth, refreshing, and most of all clean!

Location: Boots Marina Mall

LINK: FCUK Body Wash