Work Late


Yesterady I got into work at 7:30am knowing that I have a lot of things to do. I knew I was going to work at least until 5pm non-stop to get things done. By 4:30pm I started feeling tired and hungry, but I kept going with a few other people. It was one hectic day, everything on top of each other, phone call after phone call! People were bouncing off the walls emails were flying all over the place! It was like a tsunami!


Later on through the day I realized that I was getting hungry and there was one person working with me, and two other people working on other stuff. Literally we couldnt stop working it was like a train that couldnt stop! By the time I realized somebody was asking me something and all I could think about was that Chicken Shawarma from the Milcha and how much I wanted one at that point. We were all laughing because I was loosing it! We just kept on going and going, the only thing that kept us going was some biscuits and a ton of water! I didnt stop drinking water! It was a Wednesday night and everyone was calling me, because I texted and bailed on a lot of people earlier in the day, saying “Im out, cant do anything stuck at work”.

Towards the end things were getting slower, and my brain was beginning to shutdown and I was zoning out! Then I look at my watch and it was 10:35pm. I thought that was enough and took off. Got home had some dinner, chatted up with the family for about an hour and passed out to get back into work at 7:30am.


I have to say 7up I had this morning just hit the spot. I just needed something different in the morning, its usually water but this time I wanted 7up for some reason. And it hit the spot. Got in at work 7:48am and things just kept going from there. This is going to be one rough weekend.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. i love those cans
    i miss them!
    plus 7-up tastes different here
    ta3awadt 3ala mal il kuwait (saudi’s version is more concentrated, yeah ana fathee, i compared both :P)

  2. mohammed

    love the sensation of soda after a day’s of work. I feel very relaxed . I am in for a hectic day of working 15 hrs .hoping that it is alright for me.

  3. ya3teek il 3afiyeh man.

    i love tuc biscuits too.

    nice handwriting.

    enjoy the weekend!

  4. I hate these words..proposals..deliverables..presentations!! :(..but u know what..thank u!!..becuz finally i found someone suffering like me from such tasks!! loool..

    this week was disaster for me as well..el a7amdella khallas..i had to leave at 6 every day..and NOT that i have finished the work..NO..only bcuz i have a course at 6 PM!! so..i got home at 8!
    :(..ya3ne wainek ya sereer!

    bus u know..i enjoy working after the workingtime..bcuz the office gets soooooo meetings..actually u get the jobs of 8 working hrs done in only 2 nonworking hrs..

    Anyway..don’t forget to focus on ur proposal and deliverables! ;)

  5. Eddy

    try squeezing some lemon into the 7up..tastes great with it..

  6. tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk :D~

    7up in the morning! seriously!

  7. hehe i mix 7up with coke, half half.. tastes gooooood !!

    o0o allaah y3enik,. just hang in there 0o inshalla allah by3aw’6ek ;)

  8. Yazeed: looooool! I know what you mean the one in Kuwait tastes the best after trying all the different ones! After that it would be the UK’s 7up! hehehe!

    Moe: Goodluck, A soda was the thing for me in the beginning of the day! A Sugar rush in the morning helping me to get into it early!

    no3ik: alah E3aafeech!

    Fonzy: thanks! hahaha! Man my handwriting is horrible! I think Laialy has amazing handwriting! Working everyday this weekend! hehehe

    Smartee: That is exactly whats up, plus Im in charge of the tecnical details! I do like working when its all quiet, it isnt as hectic o you get people to concentrate with you. O bes its going along!

    Eddy: When Im eating and having with 7up I put lemon.

    Laialy: It hits the spot!

    Amo0ora: O hell no! I wont mix them two together, that would be horrible!!!! alah e3afeech o inshalla I will be done with this soon!

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