Be OutSide



After getting into work at 9 am, the weather made me hate going into work even more! Im honestly just happy getting through all this! Just a couple more days of this and I will be through it inshalla! But I have to say this! I WANT TO BE ON MY BIKE!

On my way to work around 8:30am, with the amazingly empty roads, I saw 5 bikes! 2 Harleys, 1 Ducati 999, 1 BMW R1200 , and 1 Yamaha R1! They looked liked they were the happiest people in the world! And I wanted to join that feeling! The weather is perfect outside! 31 Degrees, and empty roads!

Please people if you read this then get off your PC, Mac, or Linux Box and go out! Be outside! Do something outside! Read a book in the garden, cruise anywhere with some music! Go anywhere! Its just so nice outside that I would want to be outside, but again Im stuck at work until 5 pm today! I just hope everyone takes full advantage of this and has a fantastic day! No matter what the hell is wrong the weather is too damn good not to make you feel like having a good day!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I took a loop around the Kuwaiti F1 track (Mishref> Malek Fahed > 5th Ring Road > Airport Road > 1st Ring Road > Malek Fahed > Mishref) this morning.

  2. K: hahahaha! Nice one! I will remember that! The Kuwait F1 Loop! You should stay outside its too nice!

  3. Way ahead of you! I am sitting in the garden with my tea and laptop..

  4. K: hahaha! Ok if the laptop is outside then thats fine!

  5. Oh i wanna be out, instead im stuck at home with some workers trying to fix something :(

  6. You put in that Mac bit deliberately didn’t you? :/

  7. Marzouq….i went out at 11 before reading ur post…just came home….:)

  8. right now right now it’s 12 degrees outside and i am stuck here finishing papers :(
    i got the windows open that’s the closest to being outside

  9. Amo0ora: You should’ve been outside! I wish I was!

    Jacqui: To tell you the truth yes!

    MAZE: Good good! At least you were out enjoying yourself out and about!

    Laialy: oohhh now thats chilly! I was stuck inside a depressing office finishing a lot of paperwork so we are in the same boat! At least your getting a cool breeze, it feels nice!

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