Clear Rim?


Now this is one hell of rim! They ran out of the chrome designs so they decided to go clear! Now the only way I think this wouldwork is if the Truck, SUV, or Sedan running this would need to have some really good looking breaks and rotors, the sports looking ones like Brembo breaks. And yeah they are $2000 a piece and range from 22 to 24inchs in size. It would look good on the right setup, but 90% of the time it will look horrible!

Link: Engadget

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  1. Most guys in kuwait will probably use it on the wrong cars..

  2. daaaaaaamn those are hot, i want rotating rims ^_^ on my car

  3. Amo0ora: Yup, they would probably put it on the wrong cars!

    Laialy: looooool!

  4. “It’s cool to be clear.. 7up!” :P

  5. Yeah and with our road bumps, I don’t think those will ever work out here. =/

  6. 3baid: looool!

    MacaholiQ8: You would be surprised, they seem to be made from highquality material or else they wouldnt be that expensive or support such high weight!

  7. Rick

    I am getting my car ready to enter shows next year. I have a 2003 350z, what would I have to do to get sponsored??

  8. Rick: You have to do a lot of things really, you have to talk to your local retailers or people that you deal with a lot. If your tryiing to get major corporate sponsorship then they have to see that you have one at least a few regional competitions before they do that.

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