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Just Shenanigans!


I went to my cousins house last night after work! I havent seen the guy in a while, and I still give his Kids their eideeya and I adore his kids! I dont care that it isnt eid Im still going to give it to them! I was on the phone with someone parked in his drive way then my car started shaking violently then I found see this tall guy shaking the side of my car while I was on the phone! It was quite entertaining really!

I got out said hello to the guy and the first thing we both do is raid his fridge! I was disappointed usually he has alot of goodies in and around the fridge! But we got bottled cook out of storage and I put it directly in the freezer to get cold quick while we munch on whatever he had left. The night before I only managed to burn one dvd with two episodes of Heroes! I’ve been saving up all the episodes of Prison Break, Heroes, The Nine, Studio 60, The Class, and Stargate Atlantis because me and him usually sit down and watching all the episodes one go! And if we dont have something to watch then we go nuts! hehehe! Even though I had 6 episodes of Heroes I didnt have enough time to burn them.

The one thing I have to say about Heroes is this, if you like Smallville then you’ll like Heroes! I honestly loved the show and that its about normal people finding out different things about themselves! I dont want to give away the story but I have to say that its worth watching! The best part is getting high quality download and putting it up on an HD projector with 140″ screen. Looks great and the projector was crisp, now Im happy I downloaded the HD versions of tv episodes even though they are huge.

So we watched the first two episodes of Heroes and we really enjoyed it, then we had the driver pick-up some Krispy Kreme doughnuts for us. We finished watching that, and then we decided to watch the last episode of season 4 of Superman since I didnt have a chance to watch a while back, even though my cousin watched it and started episodes 1-4 of season 5. I told him to wait while I catch up. I couldnt believe what happened in the last episode so I had to watch episode one of season five, and during all that I stuffed my self with some Shrimp Chow Mien, and then later on we ate about three regular Krispy Kreme doughnuts each. It hit the spot, and I felt like going to the gym at night if it wasnt so late, and I had work next morning! I have to finish watching season 5 of superman! It was crazy!