After this work week, I got bite to eat after finishing work at 3pm. I was just happy I could see the sun outside! I havent even had time to breath this week. I wanted to do something to off-set this work! And contacting my cousin was the best thing to do!

So much to do so little time! I want to relax! But I got call around 5pm telling me I have a meeting 10am and a meeting at 3pm! Puff the weekend is gone! hehehe! Hopefully it will get better after this!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. what to do….ya3teek el a3fyeh…take care

  2. Eddy

    think about robo…itl calm u down…. :)

  3. allah yi3eenik
    u need a vacation, its been a while since u went to the states :P

  4. il.9aber moftaa7 il.faraaj..

    Inshalla it will get beter soon, just hang in there for now..

    and ya think about robo hehe.. maybe a new paint job.
    I always think of what color would look good on my car when im bored..

  5. think of it as time investment.. you work hard now and you get to retire early and have too much time on your hands :)

    emm when you wrote “Puff”.. I automaticaly started singing puff the magic dragon in my head.. don’t ask.. it’s 6am.. I slept late and woke up an hour ago.. and decided to stay up.. this is the result.. lets see what other quirks I’ll come up with by midday..

    bloody insomnia !!

  6. MAZE: alah e3afeek! Its no probem, I just want to get it over with!

    Eddy: that has the opposite affect! hehehe

    Yazeed: You have no idea! Im thinking of every way possible to come to the states and I keep dreaming about the mountain roads, and SF!

    Amo0ora: Once I get it done, I will be one happy camper! hehehe! O hellllaaaa nooo! Robo needs no change in color! He aint just any machine! He’s Robo! hehehe

    DiiGMaa: loooool! Ola! I hope your at least watching show tv shows! Because thats what you need to do these days! Inshalla you will get better soon and your sleep gets back to normal!

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