Finishing it Up


After all this hectic time at work, getting things ready. I just have one major presentation later in the afternoon and then Im finished with the hectic schedule. After that its back to normal hours. Then I get to breath a little. I’ve reached the point where Im not worried at all, I just want to get it over with. Even when Im driving from work on friday night Im just happy the roads were empty so that I could take it easy, put the windows down and enjoy the drive home with some nice music in the background. I cant wait until I get some time to ride, and I will hit the gym sunday night to burn off the shenanigans night of splurging! hehe!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. wish u all the best of luck 3ala ur presentation!

  2. dimplez

    hey z,

    to top it off and celebrate, i recommend u watch match point ..a woody allen movie that is so not woody allen now showing on home cinema (show time)…i know ur wondering why i chose u out of all ppl to watch it.. .but but if u recall we both loved the movie spanglish so i thought u will luv this as well…

    if not ,well watching Scarlett Johansson is a delight by it self …mshalla 3alaiha cute
    and both male leading actors r hoooot.. not that u care!!!


  3. saro0ona: Thanks! I made it through, could have done a bit better, but for short notice Im happy I put full effort towards the end I felt burnt out, but Im hoping they liked it!

    dimplez: yeah I remember loving spanglish, but I dont like whats her name in Match point, I really detest her! I think she is the most annoying goody twoshoes in the world! Oh yeah you mentioned her name! loool! I really dislike Scarlett Johansson, I just really dislike annoying blondes and she fits that category! loooool!

  4. Hope you get riding sooon..
    The streeets miss you !!

  5. ya3teek il 3afiyeh man. how can the roads be empty on friday night? they are always packed then it being the weekend and all. enjoy the ride!

  6. Amo0ora: hehee! Thanks! I will be riding very soon!

    Laialy: loool! Thanks!

    Fonzy: alah e3afeek! The streets from Shuweikh until home were practically empty! Nobody goes to shuweikh on a friday! I cant wait to ride!

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