New Chevy Trucks


The New Chevy Silverado and Chevy Avalanche have been redesigned. They look pretty different then the previous model, and Im the type of person that loves trucks. Extremely useful vehicles and you can modify the hell out of them. Since I have been looking at trucks a lot recently these didn’t impress me too much, I like the design a lot, but I prefer the 06 model Silverado and the 00-03 models. I always go through ebay and autotrader to check out any good deals on used trucks! I like how there are a lot high quality after market parts for these vehicles, I love working on vehicles and getting the customization done in a tasteful and original way.



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  1. they paid you also ?! :)

    chevy truck are nice , cheaper than similar japanese and 1/2 price of europian models

    but the local agent need to have better service

  2. forzaq8: No, I just like Chevy trucks from Experience! hehehe! I agree with you about the service part! There isnt that many agents who are good with service except for Porsche, VW, and Audi. Their agents here have shaped things up!

    MacaholiQ8: It looks pretty good, but not for my tastes, I need something a little more rugid!

  3. The black one up there looks cool..
    but i dont like trucks :p

  4. Amo0ora: I know some people that say that, but once they see how much trucks can be they change their attitudes! hehehe

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