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49ers Season


This is the current standing of the 49ers:
2W – 5L

What I wanted for this season is 6 to 8 Wins showing that the teams Offensive capabilities have improved.  That is all I was asking for, I wasnt really expecting them to compete with the top level teams of this season, I really just wanted them to put up a good fight. But things have not really gone the way I expected, the games versus San Diego and Chicago destroyed the 49ers, it hurt to watch the game. I had to stop in both games because it was a massacre.


The offensive team has improved, but we lost our key players in the Defensive side such Ahmed Plummer, and Julian Peterson. I was a huge fan of Julian Peterson! He was an extremely enthusiastic player, and Plummer would cover the back really well. We lack in safeties and it shows. They need to work on the Defensive team and help rebuild it. The Offensive team is improving and I got my hope with Alex Smith hoping his skills will develop with the team. Im going to be watching the games tonight.