Cool Looking F430

Im not much for Ferraris really, but this F 430 is pretty slick. It has been done by the customizing company C&C out of Los Angeles. I like the smoked out lights and a very tastefully done body kit. And the weather their permits for them to drive with the top down most of the time. Very nice. My friend was really happy when he was taking the pictures! hehehe






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  1. Now thats hot !

    but im more of a lamborghini person ;)

  2. Waaaawwwww… wonder why i love Italy!

  3. incredible machine. powerful, looks great, amazing to drive (drove one in lebanon once)…. too bad i like high cars :) they got the ferrari jeep coming out soon, looks a lot like the cayenne

  4. Ferrari jeeep,, interesting first time i hear of that..

    Any pics of it ??

  5. Amo0ora: I posted about that Ferrari SUV a while back, check out this link for it. But this F 430 is really really cool!

    Laialy: yes yes!

    Fayoora: yup!

    MAZE: hahahaha! I love Italy for other reasons! hehehe

    Fonzy: the ferrari jeep concept I have seen isnt good at all! I will drive one soon enough, but Im not a ferrari guy really, too bumpy for my liking!

  6. Afa 3alaik..falek’s gonna e ur birthday gift enshalla :) what u have to do is giving me ur birthdate..(PLEASE DON’T!!)

    I love ITALY sooo much..and my reasons should be clear since i’m a girl..Italy=shpping *loool*

    But what r ur reasons??plz don’t tell me it’s the PIZZA!!

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