Cummalitive Space


Whenever I think of a hard drive I think of the matrix! Thats how the Hard Drive and items on it look! Not 0s and 1s! Its like this and if you need to then you can stop time and stop bullets in it! But that aside I know Im a person that is addicted to space! I hate coming close to running out of space and I have been going so crazy with torrents the last couple of years, and backing up like crazy that I have kept increasing the space I have constantly again and again!

At this point the of space I have in total is:

4494 GB

This is between three PCs (1 Desktop, 1 Server and  1 Media PC), and Two Laptops (New one, and work laptop). And this is also including all the External Storage attached to the PCs, and the Network Area Storage! You can never have enough space! I now have duplicates of photos, duplicates of videos, duplicates of music, duplicates of documents! Backup for the Backup! After last time Im paranoid as hell about an HD going south, so redundancy is the solution! And especially now a days $/GB is so cheap!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. damn!
    all that gb!
    i got like 10% of that oo i feel its a lot
    then again, i dont watch (insert number here) animes a day/week

  2. Hehehehe Obsessive much? :P

    P.S. Feel free to refrain from remarking that I am obsessive as well ;P

    But I know how you feel I like to have a bit more free space but what I do is delete stuff that I don’t need anymore :/

  3. LooooooooL

    i know i have to backup

    bss i have yet to do so bss i’de be in deep shit if something happend to my laptop

    daaaaaaaaamn i need to get an external drive for my pictures

  4. Yazeed: hehehe! Yes anime per hour not including every other series possibly out! hehehe

    Jacqui: Sorry I cant delete! Data is precious, so I just keep on adding to it when possible and I keep going from there! If Im obsessesed that your addicted! hehehe!

    Laialy: obssesive a bit on my part! hehehe! But I extremely recommend getting an external HD! Backing things up will save you a huge headache!

  5. You have me beat for the moment .. I am going to get a new media server as soon as they come out with the 1tb drives. Then its on! :P

  6. ummmmm……. hehe i think ur overdoing it man:) but if thats ur passion, so be it….. i personally got one laptop 5 years old which MUST be replaced but honestly havent been able to make up my mind on what to get plus prices r too high.

  7. K: looool! When 1tbs come out then I want to build another one! Its just rediculous.. I cant get enough of PCs!

    Fonzy: When it comes to space .. I just cant seem to delete ANYTHING! looool! I recommend you upgrade ASAP! hehehe

  8. Jim

    Hey dudes! Here’s a suggestion- stop spending money on computers and start spending it on an English tutor. Your spelling is awful!

    Peace out and go to the light!

  9. Jim: lol! Would you volunteer yourself as the editor? hehehe

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