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Cummalitive Space


Whenever I think of a hard drive I think of the matrix! Thats how the Hard Drive and items on it look! Not 0s and 1s! Its like this and if you need to then you can stop time and stop bullets in it! But that aside I know Im a person that is addicted to space! I hate coming close to running out of space and I have been going so crazy with torrents the last couple of years, and backing up like crazy that I have kept increasing the space I have constantly again and again!

At this point the of space I have in total is:

4494 GB

This is between three PCs (1 Desktop, 1 Server and  1 Media PC), and Two Laptops (New one, and work laptop). And this is also including all the External Storage attached to the PCs, and the Network Area Storage! You can never have enough space! I now have duplicates of photos, duplicates of videos, duplicates of music, duplicates of documents! Backup for the Backup! After last time Im paranoid as hell about an HD going south, so redundancy is the solution! And especially now a days $/GB is so cheap!