Q4 06 Games


I am extremely looking forward to GoW, its meant to be a really good filler for Halo since Halo 3 has been postponed again. It was supposed to be released now, but I think they have pushed it back all the way until Q4 07. So now GoW is supposed to be released November 7th so Im really looking forward to it! This is probably the only game other then Halo that I would buy and play right away! Even though I dont have time, I will make time!

Its anoter cool looking game!

  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance
  • Halo 3

The King of all games, nothing more to it. I dont care what anyone has to say about it! I still play Halo 1 Multiplayer! Cant get enough of it! I need to play this game!
Lost Planet: Extreme Conditions


I played Battlefield 2 and the game was fantastic, every Battlefield game that they make is extremely successful with the online gaming! I really enjoy honing my skills and getting better kills online! Its so fast and hectic, so it was great playing this game. So Im going to play this game when I get a chance!

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  1. BattleField is amaizing ! specially when u play it online on xbox360 its seriously a diffrent experience !!

  2. why are all the cool games so violent these days?

    bring back Ker-Plunkkkk!

  3. YES…even though I’m not an Xbox fan, I’m really excited for GoW; simply because I got sick of watching the guys playing Halo 2 all day long (not to mention Winning Eleven). Hopefully, I will be able to join the guys on this one. But whaaaaaaaaat….no love for Dead or Alive Extreme Volleyball…that’s insaine…you should definitely add this game on your list.

  4. fadibou

    CALL OF DUTY 3 is supposed to rock the XBL scene, I have been addicated to COD2 but the 3 i supposed to be out of this world.

  5. Borzaiga: If you think the online for the 360 is good then you should try online for the PC! I love Battelfied 2!

    moocherx: cause they are so damn entertaining! BRING BACK PONG! looool!

    Fallen Angel: hahahaha! DoA, I played the fightinig version, but the volleyball version just made me laugh! Im really looking forward to GoW!

    fadibou: I played CoD2 so much, but I got more addicted to Battlefield 2! Cant wait to see what comes next!

  6. GEARS OF WAR is one of the biggest hits of 2006.. and i’m waiting the song by megadeth. X360 RULEZ

  7. zombie-commando: I cant wait to try that game!

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