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Review: Scryed


Plot Summary: In the desert wasteland of a devastated Yokohama, lawless superhumans known as Alter Users terrorize the land. The remaining champions of morality and order have formed a special task force called HOLY, mandated to bring these mutants to justice. However, HOLY may be as terrifying as the mutants it vows to destroy. Kazuma, a lone and powerful Alter User stands up to HOLY as an advocate for the defenseless in a land polarized by power.

This is an anime which starts off with the usual story of people who are different with super powers. This starts with Kazuma who lives in the lawless desert, which is littered with Alter Users. He is one of the few Alter users who does good for people, and these Alter Users sprung up after the devastation to the area, they seem to be an after affect of the damage dont the area. Kazume is taking care of a little girl, and his friends when the HOLY group starts putting down all the Alter users that they come in contact with. HOLY is made up of a bunch of Alter users who are employed by humans from the other land which is considered the “better” world. Kazuma is ill-tempered and acts with his heart and brute strength alone, no matter how many times he gets beat down he gets back up to take some more, and fight more. This is an entertaining anime in the beginning but the storyline wasnt as good as I thought it was going to be. It was entertaining, but not enough depth to the story to stretch it for the length it was stretched. The ending was just stretched out instead having a fast strong ending. I liked it, but not something I would really recommend that much, there is better out there.

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