Sony 52″ LCD


Sony came out with the 52 inch LCD since everyone seems to be going big with LCD these days. This another great LCD from Sony, I dont know anyone who isnt happy with Sony’s LCD TVs. This one is fully featured like any other HD TV.

Just listing a few of its features:

  • 1080p
  • 3 HDMI inputs
  • 7000:1 Contrast
  • 3 Composite Video Inputs
  • 1 PC input

These are just the numbers I was looking at not including the amount of the screen which is viewable!

Its priced at $6800.00 fromt which is about 1986.000 KD, which means 3500.000 KD at Sony and 3000.000 KD at any other electronics place in Kuwait. Damn that screen looks good!

Link: Uncrate

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  1. yes please.. i’ll take one.. thanks.

  2. asd

    what would u go for lcb or plasma?

  3. asd

    btw el banner fab! enta emsaweeh?

  4. Too big for my living room…i’ve changed my mind..i’m not going to buy it….:P

  5. If you keep posting about SONY LCDs I will grab a loan and head to SONY right away! I am so into their new 40″ Bravia. Perfect dimensions and has great specs. Killa ra7 ebayen when I start “Operation Redecoration” next month enshalla. :P

  6. LCD’s are better than plasma .. and you larger LCD’s are going to need the extra resolution if you plan on sitting 5 – 7 feet away from the tv. Otherwise the resolution is negligible.

  7. MSB: me too!

    asd: I would go for the 46″ Sony LCD or even better the Toshiba 47″ LCD! Toshiba has the better quality one! The banners were done by a friend!

    MAZE: I recommend you move! loooool!

    MacalohiQ8: let me know how the redecoration goes! hehehe!

    K: very true! I love the new LCDs coming out these days!

  8. Mansour

    A month ago Samsung featured 100″ screen, but I dont remember if it was LCD or Plasma. You can’t keep up technology man ;D

  9. Mansour: yes, but it was also going for $100’000 at least! I think it was a plasma at the time it came out!

  10. i got a panasonic flat screen but recently sony as been kicking ass. they got incredible technology

  11. Fonzy: The sony’s are looking good, but like I said the toshibas are way better!

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