Media Stands


I have come to the conclusion there arent any good media stand in Kuwait! And if there are any good ones then they are extremely overpriced like B&O inside THE ONE, and some places in Sun City. These media stands from Design Within Reach are really cool, and I like how clean the one standing is, and the if you have big room then I would go for the larger one. The media stand goes for $500.00, and the media table goes for $1300.00. And I find these to my liking really because you can do a lot with it.


Link: Design Within Reach

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  1. although both are very nice, i prefer the second one cos they all look like they are floating in mid air with no support

  2. We need to have better Furniture available, at decent prices, all the ones available are either over-priced or just plain ugly and cheap :/

  3. Yeah, they’re so damn overpriced out here. I checled BoConcept @ THE one and they have like this wooden bracket for LCD tvs for about 450KD! =/

  4. I like the second one..

    as fonzy said it looks like its just hanging there..

  5. Fonzy: yeah everyone seems to like that one!

    Jacqui: I agree with your statement!

    MacaholiQ8: Its just rediculous!

    Amo0ora: I like the first one in a big room, but in a cozy area the second one is the better looking one!

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