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Mistake Learned


Well, after a few incidnets I had with my media hard drive on my main PC crashing I have been backing up stuff that I havent watched, and backing up often. It doesnt take long to make a copy so I just start the task and let it copy.

The other day I tried starting up my Media PC to watch some episodes on the TV then I kept seeing that the Hard Drive wasnt booting into Windows, no matter how much I messed aroud with the BIOS settings. It seemed that the Hard Drive had some bad sectors. I wasnt worried because I had backed up everything on it, and I took the Shuttle PC to Professional computer to get it fixed, and it turned out the Hard Drive was bad, but I wasnt worried since it was still under warranty. But backing it up was the best decision I made. Just waiting on the new HD to come in so that I can get my Media PC back and hook up the DVI to HDMI.