Full Gear


For those of you wondering, this is how I ride. Full gear all the time be it hot, cold, raining, or snowing. I will always wear full gear, and riding in full gear. If you see me then this is what I will look like. I will not ever ride in a t-shirt, shorts, or shirt. Always full gear in any situation. It only takes one time to fall without gear to cause a lot of damage. I know that riding a motorcycle isnt the safest past-time, but it is something I am extremely passionate about and I wont be stopping anytime soon. So wearing gear is one of the precautions I can take while riding. I will take better pictures of me in full gear on the bike during the day, hopefully on the weekend!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Eddy

    ill be sure to shout out “z district” if i ever see u…

  2. Now i’ll be haunting you on the roads….:)

  3. Seriously is that you? NOOOO YOU MUST BE KIDDING ME :P Btw my Macbook is OUT ALREADY YAY!

  4. Eddy: loool! I wear headphones so I cant here anything! hehehe!

    Cuteberry: loooool! So you like? hehehe

    Jacqui: Yup thats me! hehehe! Congrats on the macbook!

    ananyah: looool!

    3baid: I will accept that! hehehe!

  5. looking goood ;Pp you look mysterious !

    Allah ya7fe’6ek inshalla

  6. wise wise thinking!!!

    wish the rest will do like u do :)

    but then u wont feel special :p

    looking goooood ;p

  7. If i see u, im going to take ur picture and post it in my blog (j/k) :p

  8. C O O L
    R I D E R
    you have to spell it out :p for it to sound good like in (Grease 2)

  9. everytime i see a bike passing me i check out the helmet to see if i can recognize urs but i never do… now i know what the rest of u looks like! keep safe man!

  10. Eddy

    so instead of shouting out “z district”……ill throw a rock at u…. :)

  11. u should see him in dishdasha now its like HUBA HUBA HUBA X 10 :p

  12. Eddy

    lol…see i find it very difficult to imagine someone like him wearing a dishdasha….i mean in the picture he looks like a power ranger :)….
    now a power ranger in a dishdasha…thats too weird….

  13. DR: Have you seen me on the road?

    Amo0ora: alah ya7futh el jamee3 inshalla! Mysterious does play a good level of fun!

    no3ik: looool! I just feel special riding the bike! Nothing more, nothing less! I really do wish everyone would wear gear!

    Bella: No problem! As long as Im wearing full gear you can take as many pictures as you want!

    Laialy: loooool! Grease! hehehe

    Fonzy: hehehe! Thanks man! I also have other gear which I will posting up too! I have a very nice leather motorcycle jacket which I will be posting up too! hehehe!

    Eddy: the helmet will protect me from the rock, and I move pretty fast so you had better have some good aim! hehehe! My bike will transform with me! hehehe

    Ananyah: I look huba huba all the time! hehehe

  14. The Faisal

    wow… u l0ok “full option”.. by the way.. how much would a full gear cost? a rough estimate maybe, and what would u need?

  15. The Faisal: it does add up for the gear. Helmet $200, Jacket $250, Gloves $28, boots $960, Riding jeans $200. I also have two other jackets which range between $300(Italian textile) and $600(leather). I hope this gives you an idea!

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