KPC Building


I have to say that this is one of the nicest buildings in Kuwait with an open area to work in. If it wasnt the KPC in that building then people would want to rent a location there if their were any openings. Its a great location, and there is ample parking. The built a great parking structure which I think every company should have, if they are going to build a tower then they should have a parking structure like this which is nice to look at with ample space. Making it a nice working enviroment makes it easier going to work. Too bad it belongs to KPC.



A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Do they pay you for advertising….:P

  2. Purgatory

    “Making it a nice working enviroment makes it easier going to work.” Can you prove that from KPC employees?

  3. Nice pictures..its one of the few new buildings that I like in Kuwait :)

  4. MAZE: I dont think so, it just sucks to work there though..

    Purg: Nope! But they all seemed happy to have parking unlike those in the financial district! From those that I met, they seemed to be happy with it!

    meWho!: I agree!

  5. Id like to work in a building like that ??

    Any idea how working in KNPC is ? Ive always wanted to work there madrii laish..

  6. really nice … mashallah
    i hope they keep building nice things like that

  7. some extra info………. it cost over 50 million KD to build. Done by Alghanim International. My dads company Al Ahlia Air Conditioning Trading & Contracting Company along with Bader Al Mulla did the air conditioning. Amazing structure to look at. You should see the sea side of it…. WOW!

  8. Amo0ora: thats KPC not KNPC! Theres a big difference in the work enviroment. I really have no clue how it is working there.. I was just there for a visit really!

    Laialy: I wish everyone had the budget of KPC!

    Fonzy: The seaside of it is great! But the interior wasnt designed that well!

  9. Its pretty, get to see it atleast twice a day.

    It also happens to be a fucking mess from the inside, people high up on the ladder hogging too much space or something. Don’t take my word for it tho.

  10. mooodi: your right, it looks really nice but its very badly designed in the interior. Either you dont have any privacy or you dont get any natural lighting.

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