Trek Vibez


This is the type of mp3 player that Im looking for! Its cool as hell yet functional. This MP3 player has a lot of cool features including the capability of playing all types of DRM, and plays all the other types of audio. It hasnt been released in the states yet, but it will be at the end of this year. There will be a 8 GB ($220), 12 GB ($250), and 15 GB ($280). The pricing is extremely reasonable compared to other mp3 players and it has a lot of features but no built-in FM tuner or video playback. For now thats fine for me, I just want a different mp3 player with good features. Its has 20 hour charging time, and it shows up as a hard drive once connected to the PC. It has editable playlists, and its compatible M3u and WMP playlists. It also plays JPEGs on the screen if you wanted.

And I just like this picture below! hehe

Link: TrekVibez
Link: Engadget

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  1. with those disk sizes, suppose it’s not flash HD? :(

  2. Yo Zooks, I think I saw Robo yesterday…..were you wearing a striped black and white t-shirt, and riding with a couple of other bikers in Salmiya yesterday night?

  3. very sexy if u ask me!
    and the name rings some bells hehehe e7m:p

  4. very sexy… wow incredible to look at! attractive as hell! looks like has amazing feel, would love to have:) …………..oh the MP3 player looks great too :P

  5. Nice ! and no one has it yet which is better..

  6. Is she included with the mp3?….if so i’ll go for it!

  7. u just posted that coz of her boobs! admit it!

  8. moocherx: I dont think its flash HD, but for the price its worth it!

    Toxy: no.. I dont think that was me! I dont ride without full gear!

    Laialy: I agree!

    no3ik: looool! Yeah I think its got an ergonomic thing going for it!

    Fonzy: hahahaha! Thats why I put it there! hehehe!

    AMo0ora: I dont like the Ipod because its a trend thing rather then what your getting for it!

    MAZE: I would think everyone would go for it then! hehehe!

    ananyah: yup.. I didnt deny it now did I? hehehe!

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