Riding in the Cool



After work it was really sunny outside and the weather was perfect. It was cool outside, and I was looking forward to riding. I changed into my ridin gear and headed down getting ready to head out for a bit of riding before going to my cousins place. After checking on my nephew for a little bit I headed over to the gas station, filled up the tank and headed over to my cousin’s place! The weather was perfect! Cool enough that Im enjoying the heat coming from the Engine. Its an amazing rush, and you feel the electricity going through your body with these temps! I hope everyone is having a goodtime out these days! Its just too good to pass up not being outside! And today Im going to be wearing a jacket that I have wanted to wear for a while, its fully armored black race jacket.








A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Hellraiser

    Marzouk I could not agree more, while the rest of the world bikers has gone into hibernation, kuwait offers the nicest weather for driving, I logged 800KM this week and what a rush!!! Returning back from Nuwaisib yesrterday at 1.00am the temperature was around 12 degrees, OK I did freeze my knees and toes however this beats the hell out of heat.

  2. cool zouq! no need to hide the plate number coz i already know it…..:P

  3. I am glad you had a day to relax and just ride, and what better time than when the weather drastically changed during this week hehe :P

  4. Hellraiser: Im with you 100% I was riding late last night as well, around 11pm probably not as cold as your situation, but wearing full leather boots help a lot! It keeps your toes warm! I need to get some leg warmers, and something to wear around the neck! It helps a lot!

    MAZE: loooool! I just do it out of habit!

    Jacqui: Told you fantastic weather to be out!

  5. Glad you got to ride :)
    i know i have only been on a bike once but i know that feeling you are talking about

  6. Laialy: I want to ride more! I wish there were better roads, somewhere else to go and ride, more curves!

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