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Anti-Virus Softwares

I usually install an anti-virus software on my PC because its really something you have to do. There are a lot of choices in the market right now, and for Antivirus I usually buy original software because of the signature updates, database updates, and scanner updates.

There are a few things that I take into consideration when choosing antivirus software:

  • How Affective it is.
  • What affect it has on my system. (If it slows is down)
  • How often are the updates.
  • How affective it is.

Right now this is my list in the ranking:

  1. Kaspersky and NOD32
    • Both are light on the system, you dont feel as if they are there. And they perform their duties perfectly. For the price you have to pay, its cheap for piece of mind.
  2. AVG Antivirus
    • Its not the best, but it does a pretty good job and its free.

For Norton Antivirus, and McAfee Antivirus I would avoid them totally because they have caused every machine I installed them on to have problems. They make the machine slower, and startup hangs because they are forcing a scan. It makes it impossible for some programs to operate, and please forget about the internet security. I completely avoid installing any of these two on any PCs that I get my hands on.