Anti-Virus Softwares

I usually install an anti-virus software on my PC because its really something you have to do. There are a lot of choices in the market right now, and for Antivirus I usually buy original software because of the signature updates, database updates, and scanner updates.

There are a few things that I take into consideration when choosing antivirus software:

  • How Affective it is.
  • What affect it has on my system. (If it slows is down)
  • How often are the updates.
  • How affective it is.

Right now this is my list in the ranking:

  1. Kaspersky and NOD32
    • Both are light on the system, you dont feel as if they are there. And they perform their duties perfectly. For the price you have to pay, its cheap for piece of mind.
  2. AVG Antivirus
    • Its not the best, but it does a pretty good job and its free.

For Norton Antivirus, and McAfee Antivirus I would avoid them totally because they have caused every machine I installed them on to have problems. They make the machine slower, and startup hangs because they are forcing a scan. It makes it impossible for some programs to operate, and please forget about the internet security. I completely avoid installing any of these two on any PCs that I get my hands on.

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  1. nig6a

    Hi, I know this is off your topic but I stumbled through your blog and I couldn’t help not saying this… I think your picture quality is amazing mashallah and your web designing is cool. I don’t know that much about the ‘rave’ of the web world and techno stuff but I’m very interested in designing a web page and playing with pictures. So, do you use photoshop? (I was planning to take up a course on that but do you suppose it’s a waste of money and time?) Can you suggest a way for me to learn the ABCs quickly?

    Way to go, keep up the good stuff.

  2. nig6a: I recommend you take photoshop courses! That is how most of these pictures have been edited and touched up! If you have photoshop skills then you can do a lot of the effects. Hopefully you will like photoshop, I have limited photoshop skills, but there are people who help me out with it.

  3. On the laptop at work it has Symantec Antivirus and a pre-installed program called Virus Buster! The thing is I got a virus today for the first time and guess what … Virus Buster is not registered! :oP

  4. In the recent past, I’ve had to test many widely-available anti-virus programs. Well, really the Internet Security versions inclusing the anti-virus.
    The most reliable with a low processor load is PC-Cillin by Trend Micro. Another good thing is that if you buy it, you can install it on up to 3 PCs which is great for me as a business owner, and now owner of a growing family of laptops too.
    May be worth a look. Incidentally, the biggest winning point against McAffee and Norton is that PC-Cillin found a ton of spyware that these 2 programs were supposed to be protecting me from, AND 7 viruses.

  5. I dont use Anti-virus on my desktop nor any other PC I have, I just hate how it slows down the PC :/ But I am careful from where I go and what I download.

  6. I currently use AVG pro 4.5
    check my personal review for v4.1 –

    how affective – i think it does its job well
    effect on system – i find no change, way better than my hogger norton.
    how often – i had no idea updates could be so frequent and hassle free too (sometimes almost daily – Norton was horrible)

    you can also check out:
    (note- AVG (free) came in last place but almost all their reasons are solved with v7.5)

  7. – hugs the blog –

    i missed it!!
    i havent been online for a while and it feels strange.
    anyways i know this post is about an anti virus program .
    i think i have one im not sure .
    anyways ;) yalah tc

  8. Starting in January, AVG Free will be discontinued. :/

  9. Stallion: thats horrible! When it comes to anti-virus sometimes you just have to be on top of it!

    moocherx: Those two are heavey and need to be revamped! I remember PC- Cillin, but right now NOD32 is working great! Its light and does the job!

    Jacqui: The top two that I mentioned do not slow down your PC! So I really recommend it! It would do the job better then the rest! And you need it, I gauranttee it!

    no3ik: looooool! Thanks girl!

    3baid: Samething happened to Karpsersky recently!

  10. nig6a

    For years I have always been trying to use photoshop and figure out what the big fuss was all about but I always get lost in 3afsat il commands and many teeny weeny intricate details and bla bla bla… but anyway, probably it would be the best thing to take a course on it. After all, i’m sure it would be nice to add that on my CV.

    Thanks! =o)

  11. nig6a: It all depends what you want to do really! If your a graphic designer or something to do with it then okay its good for your CV and its great for you. I know people who have the skill to use it and they love it.

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