BMW HP2 Helmet


This helmet came out a little while ago, but its still one weird looking futuristic helmet. Its for off-roading, but it feels like somebody should wear it in a fighter jet.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Wow….love it man….It looks like a Hawk or something.


  2. looks silly more then aggressive. and yeah it looks like a bird but not a hawk. for some reason it reminds me of this silly turkey from a cartoon lol

  3. i think it complements robo’s looks dude, u should get it

  4. Don’t get it..coz u’ll look akward..

  5. Toxy: I think it reminds me an alien for some reason.

    Mark: hahaha..

    Yazeed: oh helllll no!

    MAZE: I’d look like a an alien! Seriously!

  6. I like the way it looks! Seems like they wanted to make it seem like the head of a hawk!

  7. Stallion: Everyone thinks it looks like the head of a bird! hehehe! I think I will stick to my usual helmets!

  8. hahaaa it reminds me of a chicken..

    you look gooood the way you are, so dont get it !!

  9. Amo0ora: I never thought of getting it, I just thought it looked funny! hehehe

  10. Qka

    is this thing for sale yet ??

  11. Ameno

    Beautiful.what is price?

  12. Ren Schmidt

    Sorry, not really related to this helmet pic ( although it looks cool ) I wanted to shamelessly plug my passion. We need to stand for the life of the almighty 2 stroke in SX/MX, roadracing, et al. If we don’t stand for them, we will fall for anything and I can guarantee you 4 stroker boys will be screaming for help when “they” come to take your 4 stroke bikes and replace them with electric motorcycles, oh won’t that be fun!!!!

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