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Another Milcha




This was a milcha I had to go to because it was for a good friend. I was saw some family there and a lot of friends. The funniest thing in the world is seeing two people who know each other very well and cant remember the other guy’s name. That happened to me a lot, and I kept storing new numbers on my phone and then asking someone I know who was talking to them previously what his name was! I was there with some family and friends for over two hours, if he wasnt a good friend we wouldnt have stayed. There was a lot of food, but I could never eat at these types of events no matter how much food there is. I have to say towards the end of the night i never laughed so hard in a while, so many things were taking place and it was a fun event, but damn I was tired. Still though it was a great feeling seeing the guy happy and his family and friends attacking him at the end of the night! hehehehehe