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Friday Riding


I wanted to go to the beach house just to visit some family and have lunch, but I know on fridays there arent any gas stations that are open until 1pm. So I had enough gas to take me around the area, but not to the beach house area and back. So I decided to hit starbucks in Marina after taking a decent ride down the gulf rode. On my way there when I was next to Salwa I suddenly saw a Biker in full gear Black from top to bottom riding a white and red 01-03 Yamaha R1. I was honestly happy as hell seeing somebody else wearing gear. That was the first time I saw somebody else on a sports bike riding sensibly. As we were passing Rumaythiya another bike joined our little duo to make it a trio, and this one was a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R 2006 in green and he was in green as well. He was in full gear as well. I was really happy again, I was grinning like the jocker under my helmet. So we were all playing off each other and helping each other through openings and being considerate to make sure the other person can stay in the little group. I was leading for a while until I got to Marina and parted ways. As I was entering Marina I saw another rider on a Honda CBR wearing full gear riding out! I couldnt be happier! I felt that at last they get the message, its for them more then anything else! The protection will protect them! I stopped and saw about 4 Harleys and one Ducati Special Edition Paul Smart 1000. When I was heading back there was this one guy with his family who were looking at my bike, he was euro but not sure from where exactly, he just said nice bike and he was explaining to his son how great it was. I couldnt have been happier! I was thankful for nice people like them. I said thank you and let his son sit on the bike to take pictures.

As I was walking to the starbucks at the other end I was walking close to the railing and holding the helmet in my right hand, and people wouldnt stop staring. I felt like suddenly I was melting from Superman’s gaze! But damn some of them wouldnt stop even after I was staring back it was rediculous. But honestly that couldnt stop me from being happy that other riders were in full gear! That made me happy as hell!





After stopping for the drink I thought I had better refuel and head out to the beach house to be on time for lunch. I was happy I was wearin my Dainese Leather Racing Jacket for the first time since it protect me from the cold wind, and it felt good to have on. This time my top was all black and nothing else! I felt like all I needed was KITT to start talking out of Robo! It was a great day with amazing weather, I got a little rain in the beginning, but it wasnt too bad.

As I was heading over to the gas station in Mansooriya there were a lot of idiots on the road who wanted to race. People need to understand that motorcycles are faster then 99% of all vehicles out there. I didnt give them the satisfaction of flying off no matter what they did, I just wanted to enjoy myself and I was happy they were moving away. I got to the gas station and started filling up while asking one of the attendents to take some pictures of me while on the bike, and through trial and error he managed to get a few decent photos.

Then I headed out to the beach house and cruising between 160 kph and 180 kph. It was an extremely nice ride, what a day.