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Looking Forward to


Windows Vista?

Playstation 3?

Blu-Ray DVD?


Mac OS X v10.5 “Leopard”?

When I with people and these discussions come up its literally non-stop about when and where. In the next couple of months lots of new products coming out. People have heated discussions about being first adapters or waiting for the kinks to get worked out, I have learned from my mistakes and I will wait for a little bit for the companies to work out the kinks, but Im not sure when I will adapt Windows Vista. It has a lot of strange rules! And Im going to have a first time apple experience then Im going to wait for Leopard! Im not too enthusiatic about Blu-Ray or HD DVD. Im happy with what I have. I have seen some HD DVD and I have to say that its amazing on the right screen. But still Im going to wait on it a bit. PS3 is a whole other matter on its own. People are going nuts, even though they had delays because of problems. Companies are always trying to push to market first, but I dont think the customers benefit in the long run. Im just going to sit back and watch the pandemonium begin!