Looking Forward to


Windows Vista?

Playstation 3?

Blu-Ray DVD?


Mac OS X v10.5 “Leopard”?

When I with people and these discussions come up its literally non-stop about when and where. In the next couple of months lots of new products coming out. People have heated discussions about being first adapters or waiting for the kinks to get worked out, I have learned from my mistakes and I will wait for a little bit for the companies to work out the kinks, but Im not sure when I will adapt Windows Vista. It has a lot of strange rules! And Im going to have a first time apple experience then Im going to wait for Leopard! Im not too enthusiatic about Blu-Ray or HD DVD. Im happy with what I have. I have seen some HD DVD and I have to say that its amazing on the right screen. But still Im going to wait on it a bit. PS3 is a whole other matter on its own. People are going nuts, even though they had delays because of problems. Companies are always trying to push to market first, but I dont think the customers benefit in the long run. Im just going to sit back and watch the pandemonium begin!

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  1. 1. Windows Vista – no way. Not for at least 2 years after it’s launched.
    2. Playstation 3 – no way. I have far better things to do than play games. Umm… and I don’t have the patience to work out how to play them.
    3 & 4. Blu-Ray/HD DVD – for data only, or until the prices become the same as DVD prices. DVDs (and CDs) have proved to be unreliable in the long-term. I can still watch videotapes and now and again might g et some static on the screen. But with a DVD, the tiniest scratch and it’s jumping all over the place. NOT good technology.
    5. Mac OS – no way. Macs are not practical in a business environment. Leave them to the arty types.

  2. 3ala 6ary Windows Vista, i met Bill Gates last Wednesdaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! :D

  3. Hey there,

    first, be prepared for alot more products in the market cuz its that time of year (christmas n new years)

    I agree with moocherx about windows vista, no matter how good it looks, any new version of any new operating system, it needs around 1 to 2 years before its considered reliable in any level.

    n as for blue-ray, sounds cool but wont be feasable for quite some time. not only its relatively expensive, but also i think most people here didnt take the time to entirely convert to DVD, with many VHS tapes hanging around that u feel too bad to just throw away. SO, imagine tossing out all those yummy 1.5Kd DVD’s :P u’ve been stacking the past couple of years !!! Dont think i can handle that

    finally, play station “anything” I must admit i’m considered from the stone age i geuss, cz i still dont know how to play 3-D anything games smoothly X(

    so there u go ..

  4. moocherx: I agree with you regarding Vista, Im going to wait on it. Im curious to see how Blu-Ray/HD-DVD are going to be. Like you said its about price. When it comse to the gaming console its easy for me, but Im going to wait a bit for them to work out the kinks. I know the Macbook is not meant for the business enviroment, but I want to try it out for it bit to see how it is.

    saro0ona: He is an interesting guy from his talks, but he is really plain! hehehe! Thats what I remember from a few years back!

  5. il-Soosa: The new products coming in christmas are to be expected, but not new technologies which will revolutionize an industery. And the PS3 is the product which is supposed to cause waves. The maturity of an OS is important so I will be sticking to XP Pro for a while! I dont need more problems that I dont know how to solve. In regards to DVD its very true we still have a bit to go. its going to be interesting development, and the prices for the new technologies are going to drop within the year just like DVDs did when they first came out.

  6. I will also wait to see your verdict on all the new stuff when you get around to it. Nice that you are so up to date Marzouq

  7. Jewaira: Well I have always been interested in these things. I will be working on Vista, but not on my peronsal computers, it will be interesting to see how it all works.

    Amo0ora: Whats with girls and shoes/bags/saloons … so on and so forth! hehehehe

  8. Well the new PS3 is out by now and it will ease the conflicts. But the bastards out here are selling it for 500 KD! :(

    Windows vista = no thanks. OS X 10.5 “Leopard” please.

  9. I won’t install Windows Vista for a longggggg time! As for the PS3 I think I’ll crash Toonz’s place and play with his hehe ;P I’m thinking of giving him my PSP :P But I gotta ask his mom, I haven’t used it much since I don’t game as much as I laze about :P And well Mac OSx I will be getting it once it comes out ;P Hehehe ;P

  10. Windows Vista?
    I think XP is fine if you know how to maintain it.

    Playstation 3?
    Too expensive. Get a Wii and a 360 for the price of one.

    Blu-Ray? HD-DVD?
    The transition to HD is still slow. Unless you have an HDTV, it’s not worth it.

    Mac OS X v10.5 “Leopard”?
    I want this NOW, I already know what I’ll be using the features for.

  11. p.s….. with the number of operating systems Apple release, they’re soon going to run out of animals to name them after.

    I’ll adopt the Mac OS when they get to the “Mac OS Hippo” release.

  12. MacaholiQ8: I will wait for the PS3 price to drop, and waiting for them to work out the kinks. I will try windows vista on a dummy PC but I will wait at least 6 months to see what features are available on which machine, and then there is Leopard that is someting everyone seems to want!

    Jacqui: PS3 for a kid who doesnt realize the importance of it!!! hehehe! Leopard will be an automatic upgrade for you!

    3baid: agreed on the XP part, Im enjoying my Xbox 360 and Im no hurry to change it. We shall see about the different formats, and your killing for Leopard! hehehe

    Amo0ora: looool!

    Moocherx: hahahahahahaha!

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