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Wierd Call


While I was busy working on something my phone rings, and I dont know the number so I didnt feel like answering it was late. Most unknown numbers are from work so I thought it could wait until tommorow. Then the same number called again right away, then a third time. So I answered.

The guy asked me if I was selling a Camry I said no. He sounded Egyptian, so then he said I was lying. I asked him what number he wanted and he was off by one digit, and I told him check the number and call that number. He said I was lying because his friend already called and he wants to out buy him thats why Im lying to him. I was shocked from the lying part, but the story about his friend got me laughing. I honestly was laughing because the guy was a nut case! I couldnt help but laugh! I dont know what else to say to the guy, so I said if he calls again Im giving his number to the police or the crazy people hospital, then “click”. hehehe