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Workout 131106


I went to the gym yesterday directly after work, even though I was tired and hungry but I got myself to go in funny way even though I knew I was going to regret it. I decided to go to the gym on the bike. So I got on my workout cloths and put on the jeans and gear over it, and took off to the gym as soon as I got home. I knew I was tired, but I didnt want to give myself an opening to rest or else I would have passed out.

I got to the gym, parked up front and I saw some cars there. I put my gear in a locker and went straight up to get started. Suprisingly I got on an elyptical machine next to a friend so that was a nice surprise. Then I got on the machine and got going form there.

My goal yesterday was to work on my legs, and back.

  • Got on the Elytipcal machine. I was on it for 15 mins (Bumped it up 5 mins, trying to bump it 5 mins every week)
  • Started with the back muscles after stretching
  • Then I moved to leg muscles, and I think I need to stretch more because some muscles feel funny!

The crazy part is there was a girl on the elyptical when I walked in and after an hour and a bit she was still on it. Non-stop and she was talking on the phone! I cant workout and be on the phone at the same time, I like to concentrate.

And the only meal I had at the end of the night was some taboulah, and Kabab. It hit the spot.